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Passionate trainers
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fittcoach is revolutionizing how you receive personal training and coaching through our unique app

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Affordable Personal Training.

Various Workout Options.

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Gym and In-home Workouts.

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Sessions That Fit Your Schedule


Our fittcoaches are
everyday people who love
to train, just like you!

  • Our fittcoaches are experienced, carefully-vetted, and handpicked.

  • We have experts in bodybuilding, yoga, pilates, crossfit, boxing and much more!

  • Find a fittcoach at your gym, in your condo, or request one to come to your own personal gym. 


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Passionate trainers at
your fingertips.

Let us help you get in the shape of your
life & learn from the ones who really live it.

fittcoach is a peer-to-peer marketplace app that helps users find low-cost, high-quality, and customized personal training services from everyday people who are passionate and experienced in fitness & health services.

Pick a workout type, select your gym (whether that's your local gym or your own home/condo gym), and browse through our list of fittcoaches who will meet you at your chosen location and offer an amazing training experience. Best of all, our sessions are 60% cheaper than our competitors and there are no contracts or commitments. Simply find your fittcoach and have an amazing workout whether that's yoga, boxing, bodybuilding and much more!


How much does a fittcoach cost?

Our starting price for all of our fittcoaches is 25$-35$/per hour. Prices are set based on the amount and level of customer service our fittcoach provides. The higher the price, the more experience the fittcoach has! Our prices are 60% cheaper than any other comparable service.


Where can a fittcoach train me?

Our fittcoaches are everyday people like you and they love to train. You can find the ones that train at your local gym whether that's down the street or in your condo building. You can also request a fittcoach to come to your own personal gym provided they don't have to pay to get in. 


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